6th Hiroshima Essential Trainings was held from July 1 to July 28 by HiPeC-BM Program.

The 12 trainees who were selected in Davao Selective seminar came to Hiroshima from Mindanao. They g…[more]


“Vision for the Bangsamoro” Presentation by Trainees of Mindanao-Hiroshima Skill- Up Trainings 2nd Batch of HiPeC-BM Program, Hiroshima University

Contents: HiPeC-BM Project (Hiroshima Peacebuilding and Capacity Development Project for Bangsamoro)…[more]


How Can We Analyze "Chinese-ness“ Which Exudes into South Asian Society? Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Bessho Yusuke, Kyoto University

Assoc. Prof. Bessho, an alumnus of IDEC, Hiroshima University. He has been visiting Tibetan societie…[more]


“Development: War of Other Means” Lecture by Mr. Rhadzni Taalim, Head of Human Resource Development Division, Bangsamoro Development Agency in Mindanao

Hiroshima Active Peacebuilding Research Initiative, Hiroshima University, invites Mr. Rhadzni Taalim…[more]